How you Could Test Free Products And Get Paid

01 Sep 2017 11:53

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Everyday there are dozens of new products being released on the market. So if you are a product whiz who loves to test out new products or want to make some side income, you should consider becoming a product tester. If you apply and get accepted you are able to get paid for trying out new products yet to be released to the public. Top brands are always trying to get consumer feedback to improve their products. If you are not familiar with protocol on how to find product testing jobs, be sure to use these suggestions to find one that is a good fit for you.

How It Works

The first thing you need to do is figure out which companies have the option of testing their products from home. Some companies are listed later in the article, however a quick Google search can also bring up a good list of companies who offer product testing positions. Next to make sure you are a good fit for their products you will go through a screening process. This is usually in the form of a survey which asks you to fill out simple questions regarding your demographics and background. Companies are looking for a profile that matches their products. So if you are applying for a job as a hair product reviewer, however have no hair then the likeliness of you qualifying is extremely rare, so use your best judgement so you don't waste time filling out surveys!

After getting approved to test a product, the company will ship their products to your home usually within two weeks. After that they will ask you a series of follow up questions usually via email then you are done.

How Much Can I Make

Being a product review tester shouldn't be seen as a main source of income, but it can definitely bring some good side income for leisure expenses. Usually product test reviewers can get paid anywhere from $5-$100 however it is very relative to the industry and product. The majority of time also the product reviewer will be able to keep the product as well, so it is a win-win situation.

Finding Product Testing Jobs Online

If you are confused about where to get started please be sure to check out these sites/companies below. Some pay by cash, others pay through gift cards and other rewards.

1. Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel

2. Toluna

3. iPoll

4. SurveySpot Panel

5. i-Say

6. Pinecone Research

7. Valued Opinions


9. In Home Product Testing Panel

10. MySurvey

Top brands are always releasing dozens of products regularly which need to be reviewed by their targeted audience. If you might be interested in earning some side income or rewards for holidays, vacation trips, or going out for weekends, be sure to look into becoming a product review tester. Not only can becoming a product reviewer be a fun side job, best of all you get to keep most of the products you review!

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