A Foundation for all Type of Skins

Makeup is part of a daily routine for a lot of people, I am lucky enough to be a blog writer part time so have the ability to hide at home on some days, but others I need to go to the office and that is always a makeup day!

People usually wear makeup to look better than they naturally look. Makeup gives people a bold and attractive look noticeable by others. To do any makeup foundation works as the base. After the foundation, other makeup materials is applied and foundation ensures better quality makeup.

So the foundation should provide a light and fresh look and feel without any irritation or burn. People with sensitive skin often search for the best powder foundation for dry skin to avoid side effects of makeup.

There are three common varieties for skin – dry, oily and mixed. Dry skins are the most sensitive ones. People can use mineral pressed foundation to meet the foundation solution for their skin as it supports all of the skin types.

Foundations are available for every type of skin and almost every type of skin tone. Also, there are different types of mixtures like powder, cream, and liquid foundation. Different people need different types of makeup because of their skin condition.

But the mineral pressed foundations are suitable for all types of skins. This powder foundation can give a fresh look and feels very light. Also, it provides more natural look compared to the chemical based foundations.


Mineral pressed foundations are now available in almost every good cosmetic stores. This foundation is made from natural ingredients which contain less chemical ingredients. Also mineral pressed powder foundations are good for the skin as it does not contain anything harmful.

The applying process is simple. It is like other powder foundations and can be applied with a sponge or brush. Special foundation brushes help to blend the foundation into the skin and mineral pressed foundations works best in this way.

A mineral pressed foundation can provide all of the benefits a foundation needs to provide in a better way. Usually, these foundations are sweat free, waterproof, oil controller and sun protective. Also, these powder foundations are not harmful in nature. As the foundation is waterproof it lasts for a longer time compared to the normal ones.

Mineral based powder foundations do not cost a lot of money. It is obvious that after reading all the benefits a person will certainly think that the mineral pressed powder foundations are costly. But mineral based foundations are fairly cheap compared to the benefits. A person needs to buy a branded foundation for the chemical based foundations.

But the same person can choose an inexpensive brand if it is mineral based as mineral foundations do not create any harm to the skin. Another most important thing to consider is, as these foundations last longer a person eventually gets benefitted even if the foundation is a popular brand.

There are different mineral pressed powder foundation available in the market from different brands. Also, a person needs to learn the percentage of minerals of different brands and compare them while buying a mineral pressed powder foundation.

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